Kitchenworx restaurants by design works with Architects across the country on restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs. food courts, cafeteria's and fast food establishments. In most cases customers will need to hire an Architect as well as restaurant designer. An Architect works with local municipalities on codes and regulations. They will also design the structure, walls, bathrooms, parking lots, ceilings, floors, dumpster location, life and safety plans as well as be the team leader for the project. In most major cities the health department will require a full set of plans to review which will have to be stamped by an Architect. 

Kitchenworx restaurants by designs value is in that Architects ,for the most part do not know about laying out a commercial kitchen , walk in coolers, back bar equipment, beverage stations, cafeteria serving lines, expediting station, wait area, draft beer systems, exhaust hoods.prep areas or custom furniture. Architects will hire us to design these areas and add into their overall plan. To save expenses customers can hire us directly to work with their Architect or we can suggest one that we work with primarily on restaurants.